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Our Mission

Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method wants to make the spectacular art form of aerial arts accessible to every child around the world! A fitness and arts education all in one!

We are a global movement determined to empower our youth to be Creative, Brave, & Bold as they fly towards their dreams!

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Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method Academy

Let us Teach Your Child How To Fly At Home!

Qizzup is a Complete Online Home Training Academy for kidz ages 7 and up. The ONLY one of its kind, the Qizzup Curriculum has been thoroughly tested and proven over 10 years of trial and error in our own studio!

We have made it super easy to just press play and follow our structured classes.

Any level of aerial silks for kids are welcomed!

Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method aerial fitness
aerial fitness
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Aerial A-FRAME Start-up Rigging Kit

Looking for equipment but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Over the years we’ve worked with all kinds of equipment and are proud to offer the ultimate safe and affordable aerial rig for young aerialists!

We offer a safe, lightweight aluminum A-frame portable rig that can be adjusted for use from anywhere from 8 ft all the way up to 11.42 ft.

We love this rig because it is highly versatile, allowing your flyer to train with their hammock, hoop or static trapeze.

This kit also comes with a set-up guide and your flyer’s first silk! This really is the most portable and affordable aerial rig available today.

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kids silks

About Us

Empowering kidz to reach their highest potential is our passion. Children are naturally fearless and our job as parents and educators is to help preserve that natural sense of bravery inside of them! Qizzup is a program that combines the clear structure and rewards system similar to a martial arts program with an aerial art form that allows them to defy gravity and literally soar in the air.

Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method is the ONLY online aerial arts program for kidz and was created from teaching thousands of students in our Los Angeles studio, Fly Studios, over the last decade.

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Studio & Virtual Training

Hi! I’m Michelle, founder of Qizzup. After performing in Cirque Du Soleil for many years, I decided to share my love for aerial arts to my local community. In January 2010, I founded Fly Studios Kidz Aerial Arts in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California.

Over the last decade, Fly Studios has expanded beyond the 4 corners of our studio into the FIRST online aerial arts academy for kidz, aerial silks for kids.

Our in-studio and virtual programs include:

  • Classes in Aerial Silks, Lyra, and Static Trapeze.
  • Holiday and Summer Camps
  • Studio/Film Rentals
We are 100% committed to empowering kidz to fly towards their dreams even in the midst of this “new normal.” Join Qizzup today for a safe, social and strength building outlet to help your child soar!

Love for Qizzup

Zoe G. aerial hammock

There isn’t a single soul that I wouldn’t recommend Fly Studios to…

It is a safe space to cultivate skills beyond aerial arts. Thank You Fly Studios from every cell in my body!

Zoe G.

Currently 17 years old
Started at age 7
Krissi F. aerial silk classes

Fly has helped shape me into the person I wanted to be…

This experience helped me gain the encouragement, determination, practice, perseverance, and persistence to obtain any goal in life.

Krissi F.

Currently 19 years old
Started at age 11
Ana S. aerial classes

This environment gave my girls confidence to perform in front of people.

Physically it helps them stay flexible and strong, especially in their core.

Ana S.

Mother of triplets girls who have trained with us from 2011-2020.

Are your kidz bored & restless at home?

Download our FREE Boredom Buster Calendar + video training! (No special equipment required).

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