Did you know Qizzup has a new YouTube channel?! We will be posting tips, tricks, and lots of fun things on our channel every #FlyFriday! Our latest video has an easy to follow video tutorial for 3 easy drops. Before attempting these, you should be able to easily invert in the air. Click HERE to go check it out!


This drop is a good one to get into the swing of things with drops. Since it isn’t a full 360 drop, it may not be as intimidating. Here are some pointers for this move:

1. To avoid whiplash and slow down the drop, use your abs and crunch up as you sit back.

2. Always keep a good grip and tension on the silks as you are crossing them over your lap and switching your grip.



This is a fun one, but can give a bit of a tickle if not done correctly. Some helpful tips to make this one as painless as possible:

1. When you are wrapping for this drop, be sure you wrap the silks high and tight on your legs. If the wrap is low, you may not make it all the way around to the pole and it could give you a big, uncomfortable squeeze on your thighs.

2. Maintain your arch as you rotate! In fallen angel we suggest piking to slow down the rotation, but it does NOT work the same for dive roll! A pike during a dive roll will leave you hanging and you will not be able to complete the rotation. It will be uncomfortable… plus it will look a bit awkward as you try to climb back to upright.



This drop has a great progression to help you work up to the real deal. Full fallen angel is the final move after fallen angel prep and fallen angel on a knot. The tips for fallen angel are the same as for fallen angel in a knot:

1. To slow down the drop, fold at your hips as if you want to touch your toes on your way down. To go faster, stay in an arched position.

2. ALWAYS keep your arms to the side to catch the fabric at your armpits. Tempting as it may be, NEVER try to catch the silks with your hands as you may risk missing and going all the way through the tight ends.

3. Be sure to keep your legs in a wide straddle as you rotate so they go outside the tight ends, or poles, of the silks. Legs together can mean stopping your rotation and sliding out! Yikes!


Enough with the reading already! Get to the fun stuff…watching and doing! Click HERE or on any of the photos above to view the full video on YouTube. Have fun and stay Fly!


The Qizzup Team

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