The season of love is upon us! If you are thinking of getting that aerialist in your life something special this holiday, check out this list we have compiled for you…

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holidays, or just because – these 5 gift ideas are sure to excite and delight the circus artist in everyone!


Has your friend been wishing they could expand their repertoire and take new classes? Maybe they have an artist they admire that they’d love to take a workshop with? Most studios and freelance instructors offer gift cards in almost any denomination to fit your budget.



From trapeze boots to supportive underwear, aerialists and circus artists can never have too many clothing options. Depending on their apparatus, there’s a clothing or costume item that will be perfect for them.  

  • Rosin for grip assistance.
  • Leotards/unitards/biketards – there are many options for underwear that support and protect from the apparatus and inversions.
  • Any leggings are a welcome gift, but this design (3rd photo) allows for ankle protection which can be a lifesaver!
  • For the trapeze artist, boots or spats provide ankle protection. Try an independent artist on Etsy for some amazing colors and styles for costuming.
  • Back warmers help keep vital muscles warm and bendy, especially for those extra cold morning classes.


Recovery is a vital part of every circus artist’s training and if money is no object, there’s some fantastic high-ticket items that will be sure to be appreciated.

  • The intelliroll is an amazing foam roller with a design that allows space for your spine and comes in 2 levels of firmness.
  • Mobility peanuts are self-massage/mobility tools to help prevent or address injuries.
  • Epsom salt baths are a great way to ease muscle tension. You can even get creative and make a little gift basket with a whole spa day inside!
  • Massage is more than a treat, it helps address chronic and acute injuries and stress to keep artists’ bodies in peak condition.
  • On the pricier side, massage guns are excellent self-massage tools for recovery.



For the book lover, there are handbooks and manuals specifically for aerialists. There are also virtual subscription services to take their training to the next level.




As circus has become more mainstream, so too have circus productions. Look up a local troupe or take a trip to see a big show. Nothing quite matches the inspiration that comes from seeing live performances. (Of course, with COVID restrictions, this may be a bit more difficult to come by, but some productions are going virtual!)


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This article was written by Bri Price (they/them). Bri holds a BA in Theatre from CSULB. As a Certified Massage Therapist, aerialist, actor, voice actor, and physical theatre performer with a background in circus and children’s theatre, Bri has a passion for movement and mobility. Their most recent role was “Luna” the high-flying aerialist mermaid at “Pirate’s Dinner Adventure” in Buena Park. Bri has been teaching aerial arts for 7 years and believes in an accessible and adaptive approach to coaching, meeting each student where they are at while challenging them to reach their potential. Bri has a versatile performance art background and a passion for aerial arts and they strive to make bold, compelling, authentic work for and with their community.

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