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Our Story

Hi, I’m Michelle Bolong and I’m the Founder of Fly Studios and Qizzup

At the age of 8 I started my journey towards becoming a Competitive Martial artist and devoted the next decade towards earning my 3rd degree black belt.

After I turned 18 and earned my 3rd degree blackbelt, I moved to London to study dance. From there I was recruited to join Cirque Du Soleil and spent the next 4 years training with them.

My martial arts training and dance background brought me SO much joy, confidence and strength (both mentally and physically) that I knew it was my mission to share it with the world…

Michelle Bolong's Story
Aerial Arts Studio

What happened next was a dream come true!

Once I “retired” as a performer and moved back to Los Angeles, I pursued my dream of opening an Aerial Arts Studio JUST FOR KIDZ.

I worked with my own Cirque Du Soleil aerial instructors and meticulously broke down each move or “trick” into digestible bite-sized pieces that could be taught to a child.

The 7-level curriculum we developed turned out to be a huge success!

Our uniformed shirts for each level of mastery inspired kidz to fly towards the next hurdle (a lot like the colored belt system in martial arts). We created tangible milestones for our kidz to reach and celebrated the heck out of them when they got there. But above all, we made aerial arts FUN. We created a safe space for kids to defy gravity and be themselves.

From 2010 – 2020 my team and I were able to help thousands of kidz become physically stronger, more confident and build life skills at our state-of-the-art building, Fly Studios.

Private In-Studio &
Virtual Training
Qizzup 7 Level Curriculum

Hear from Our Students

Alison K.

The Qizzup training has helped me gain a lot of physical strength and confidence.

When I started out, doing some things on the apparatuses were scary but now I can do all sorts of moves up high. The Qizzup training because is super unique and can be valuable to anyone. You can become more confident, flexible, or even sociable as you make new friends.

Alison K.

Started Program at 13 Years Old
Jade T.

I never feel like an outsider
and always have the best
time when I’m at Fly.

When I first started at Fly I was so nervous because I didn’t know anyone but everyone was so nice and welcoming that now I just feel like a part of the fly family, and I have made so many great friends through fly. And all of the coaches are so amazing. They are all so inspirational and kind. Whenever I go to practice I always feel the love from everyone, and I feel like I can just go crazy and everyone will just join in.

Jade T

2020/ currently 15 years old, started program at 10 years old
Krissi F.

Flying has helped shape me into the person I wanted to be.

Knowing there was a community for me to truly be a part of changed my perspective in such a constructive way, I forever will be thankful for it. This experience helped me have the encouragement, determination, practice, perseverance, and persistence to obtain any goal in life.

Krissi F.

Started Program at 11 Years Old
Build Opportunity with Qizzup

An Opportunity to Build Something Special…

Like so many other studios, back in March of 2020 we had to close the doors to Fly Studios. At first, I was devastated but around month 3 of lockdown something changed…

I was walking through my empty studio — which was bizarre and eerie in and of itself — when I saw a book that I had left in the middle of the mat 2 weeks ago… untouched… in the exact same spot.

That was the turning point for me. I knew I had to do something.

That’s When I Created Qizzup.

The FIRST ever 100% VIRTUAL Aerial Arts Academy for kidz ages 7 and up.

My renewed calling is to take Fly Studios beyond the 4 corners of a brick-and-mortar studio and make aerial arts accessible to children all over the country (maybe even the world)!

The Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method is a complete online home training program designed for any level of aerial skills — — from beginner to master.

We’ve taken the same 7-level curriculum that has been tested and proven over 10 years of trial and error in my own studio and converted it into a 100% virtual format.

Virtual Aerial Arts

Our Mission

Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method wants to make the spectacular art form of aerial arts accessible to every child around the world! A fitness and arts education all in one!

We are a global movement determined to empower our youth to be Creative, Brave, & Bold as they fly towards their dreams!

Our Values

#1. We are a Kid-Centric Program

We are the ONLY program in the world that specializes in teaching children this amazing art form in this type of level system. Our innovative approach includes an engaging rewards system, plenty of opportunities to virtually perform, and having fun with us!

#2. Safety Is Our Number One Priority

We provide our students everything they need to safely train at home, including the rigging equipment they need. Our multi level curriculum is designed for safe, gradual progression from beginner moves to intermediate to advanced. We also offer optional virtual private lessons to assist in your child’s program training.

#3. We strive to cultivate a Positive & Non-Competitive Community

We are committed in creating a love based supportive community with a program designed so your child can train at their own, comfortable pace of learning.

#4. We’re not JUST here to keep your kid fit.

Although Aerial Arts are a fun and challenging way to get physical exercise, our program works on so much more than that. We strive to nurture a mind, body and spirit connection. We believe kidz really soar when they are actively growing in 3 key categories: Mind, Body & Spirit.

#5. A Fitness, Arts and Life-Skills Training Program All In One.

In addition to physical strength, flexibility and stamina, our program inspires and celebrates kidz’ individual artistic expression through our virtual graduation recitals and showcases. We make a BIG deal of these performance outlets so that our kidz feel seen and like their hard work is appreciated. Many of our kidz have also developed greater confidence and communication skills after only a few weeks in the program!







Meet Our Team

Meli Padilla

Meli Padilla

Content Creator & Manager/Performer

 Brigida Price

Brigida Price

Head Instructor & Performer

 Jazmin Chang

Jazmin Chang

Head Instructor & Performer

Danielle Chavez

Danielle Chavez

Head Instructor & Performer

Natasha Acosta

Natasha Acosta

Head Instructor & Performer

Check Out What Other Families and Flyers Had to Say

Alison K.

Fly Studio is a great source of confidence for Jade’s development.

As a mother who aims to raise a well-rounded and confident young lady, I’m glad I found a challenging activity to hone her focus, dedication, and commitment. The coaches are supportive and patient with her learning style. Jade blossoms into a confident, focused, loving, and bright young lady with the combined contributions of aerial art.


Mother of student from 2015-2020
Lu G.

My daughter has been taking classes at Flystudios for seven years and has loved every minute!

This place is so amazing in that it has such a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for my daughter in helping her to grow in the world of aerial arts but also as great positive atmosphere for a teenager. She is an amazingly talented performer and Fly celebrated that with her as well as encouraged her to be an independent, confident person in aerial and in life. I would highly recommend for any parent whose child is interested in aerial to experience Flystudios.

Janine L.

Mother of student from 2013-2020
Cindy B.

The classes, instructors and performances have really helped develop the person she is today; strong, confident, and out-going.

Mckenna joined Fly Studios 7 ½ years ago. She absolutely loves it! She was a very shy, petite girl. Fly has been an extended family for her. We were very lucky to find something she enjoys and is committed to!

Cindy B.

Mother of student Mckenna 2013-2020

Our Services

Qizzup Online Trainings

Online Trainings

Your child can now train at home with our complete online training program specialized for children ages 8+. All levels welcome!

Studio Training and Rentals

Studio Training & Rentals

Our state of the arts aerial arts studio located in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles offers classes, privates, camps, and private events and parties.

Are your kidz bored & restless at home?

Download our FREE Boredom Buster Calendar + video training! (No special equipment required).

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