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Can I practice aerial arts on my period? Short answer: yes.

Some may be concerned that inverting while menstruating might be bad for the body, but our practice is usually one to a few hours long at a time and we are only going to be inverted for a fraction of that time. Nurse practitioner, Simone, of Planned Parenthood assures it is “not a problem at all,” adding “you would have to be upside down for at least several hours at a time to cause a problem.”

Can I practice aerial arts on my period? Long answer: it’s up to you.

In terms of physical health, it is fine. However, at the end of the day it is all about listening to your own body and doing what feels best for you each month. Every body is different and reacts to the changing hormones differently. Back pain, cramps, or muscle soreness, for example, might be too painful on top of a sport that already requires a good amount of pain tolerance. If that’s the case, take a day or two off until your body is ready to train again!



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