Looking to get an aerial hoop (a.k.a. a lyra) for your aerial practice? There are different sizes to choose from and if you need some help picking the right size to get you started in your aerial arts practice, use this as a guide…


Aerial hoops, also known as lyras, are measured in inches by their diameter – or all the way across the middle of the hoop – on the outside edge. The method we recommend for picking the right hoop size is to measure, from seated, from your seat to the top of your head plus one or two fists above your head. Add a couple of inches depending on the thickness of the hoop.

For someone really flexible you can use a smaller aerial hoop and moves like push-push won’t be a problem.


For someone less flexible, a smaller lyra can be a bit less comfortable. However, if you get an aerial hoop too large it can be a problem for moves like jack knife / fishhook when you need to extend your leg across the diameter of the hoop.



There are also different types of aerial hoops to choose from: tabless, single tab, double tab. This is referring to the rigging point on the hoop (in class you may have heard us call it the “taco” too).


A tabless aerial hoop can either be rigged as a single or double point, but can also feel a bit more unstable in unbalanced moves.


A single tab aerial hoop is what we teach at our studio (also in the photos above) and is great for spinning and orbiting. Some can come with a rigging point large enough to put one or two hands in which you would rig by choking a span set onto, whereas others have just a small hole to fit the carabiner.


A double tab aerial hoop acts more like a static trapeze in which it swings in one plane and is good for moves on top of the bar and moves that involve tipping the hoop. Unless rigged like a dance trap (two points from the apparatus coming up in a triangle to meet one point and a swivel), this one is not really intended for spinning.


We hope this helps you on your aerial journey. If you have further questions, feel free to email us at info@qizzup.com.


Stay fly!


The Qizzup Team

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