Frequently Asked Questions

How does Qizzup work?

We’ve taken the same 7-level curriculum that has been tested and proven through over 10 years of trial and error in my own studio and converted it into a 100% virtual format.

Students will practice the moves from each level by following along with our pre-recorded classes or by creating their own lesson plan and learning the moves they want to that day. Once they feel confident in the moves from that level, they will practice the graduation performance. Finally, they will record their performance to music of their choice (performance outfits encouraged!) and submit it for personal feedback. Then it is on to the next level! 

How many levels are there?

Like the colored belt system in martial arts, we’ve got 7 levels of aerial tricks to conquer. Each level consists of 10 easy-to-follow 45-minute class videos with printable lesson plans. You can choose to train alongside these videos or customize your own classes with our printable create-your-own class guide, whichever system works best for you and your family.

How do I graduate to the next level?

Each student will have their very own move tracker chart to track their progress towards their goals, reward their commitment to their training, AND assess when it’s time to level up!

The move tracker chart method allows our students to learn at their own comfortable pace as well as creating manageable goals for them to achieve.

Once you’ve mastered all the tricks in a given level, you will be asked to learn a graduation performance sequence. You will send us a video of your performance which will act as your recital piece and be used to determine if you’re ready to graduate to the next level.

Can we use our own rigging equipment?

Yes, but here’s what is required. In order to fly safely at home, you will need an aerial silk, basic rigging hardware, a safety mat, and a *safe* rig. Basic hardware includes carabiners, a rescue 8 or other silk rigging equipment, an optional swivel, and a span set or sewn runner depending on your rigging needs. A safe rig would be one that is a professionally built portable rig, from I beams, open web steel joists, or a truss system. Be sure to contact a structural engineer before rigging from any preexisting residential structure and never rig from a tree.

We always recommend hiring a professional rigger or structural engineer to help with the installation to determine what rigging equipment is needed for the space. Local aerial studios/circus/theater groups tend to be knowledgeable on the best people in your area, or the ETCP certification website has a directory of professional riggers.

Dynamic aerial arts movements produce forces greater than the body weight, professional riggers typically recommend rigging point can hold a minimum of 3000lbs. For Aerial Silks, you will need to be able to hold 5000lbs or more.

If you forgo professional rigging, you accept all liability for any injury or damage resulting from using the equipment and you potentially put the lives of yourself and others at risk. We highly advise professional installation.

When looking for contractors/riggers, if there is no one available in your area experienced in aerial rigging, you may look for a structural engineer or a contractor experienced in framing or structural work.

If you have questions, we urge you to contact us directly.

Our equipment is tested by third party engineering firms in Atlanta, GA; we can provide guidance on the right and wrong ways to use the equipment and where to find a qualified person to help with the installation.

No amount of care can eliminate all risks in Aerial Arts, but safe practice starts with professional installation. Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method cannot be held responsible for damages incurred to property or life by improper installation or rigging of our products – always hire a professional!

What if we don’t have our own rig?

Look for a local studio/gym and ask about their open gym hours. Open gym is often a fraction of the cost of a class. Another option, look online for your very own aerial rig!

Can siblings share an account?

Each child needs their own Qizzup Membership. This allows us to:

  • Track each child’s progress separately and award graduation certificates
  • Review each child’s performance

IMPORTANT: To sign up a second or third child in Qizzup, you will need to use a different email for purchase/login as our platform only allows one member per email. If you don’t have another email account, you can simply create a new free account with your provider of choice.

Is this only for silks?

Currently, our online program has only the silks curriculum, but stay tuned for more! 

Can I view the videos on my cell phone or tablet?

Absolutely! Download the Kajabi app for easiest viewing.

How do I cancel my membership?

We’re so confident that you AND your child’s Qizzup experience will be nothing less than STELLAR, that you can contact us within 30 days of signing up for a full refund. After that, if your plans and needs change, you can cancel any time. No commitment. Just email

I’m experiencing technical issues with the site, what do I do?

Try clearing the cookies/cache within your computer, if that doesn’t do the trick please email us at with a screenshot of what you are experiencing and we will get back as soon as possible.

Can I download the videos?

No, the videos are available to view on the desktop site or the app with a paid subscription only. You cannot download them from the site.

I haven’t signed into my account for a while, can I get a refund?

We do not issue refunds for partial months or unused subscriptions.
Questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us at

Are your kidz bored & restless at home?

Download our FREE Boredom Buster Calendar + video training! (No special equipment required).

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