Quarantine has been an unprecedented time for everyone. What seemed like a small hiatus from the real world quickly turned into a year of isolation and self-reflection. Personally, I have spent many days sitting in my bed scrolling through social media until it gets dark outside. When I started to notice this pattern, I felt guilty because I believed I was wasting this opportunity for self-growth.

I quickly recognized that I should not shame myself for not living up to my ideal style of living. In any case, life is not going to be picture-perfect and when I took that pressure off I was more satisfied with how I spent my time. 

…when I took that pressure off I was more satisfied with how I spent my time.

Fitness has played a giant role in my quarantine days. Having a consistent workout routine has given me a fun activity for my body and my mind. The most important part of my workouts is my mindset going into them. I see workouts as a way to release stress without putting pressure on the physical results. This positive lens has motivated me to branch out and try new routines on Youtube. Everyone can benefit by making these small, yet impactful, changes in our everyday lives.

An example of my fitness routine:


30-minute daily walk

spin bike, dance cardio routine, or jump rope
– heel taps
– crunches
– ab cycle (always stretch before and after)

– toe touch


– straddle, reach left and right foot
– upward facing dog
– right/left arm across body 
– splits right/left

. . .

This was written by Ashley O’Connor. Ashley has a passion for performing and recently graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts in the acting conservatory. She now attends Azusa Pacific University in the BFA acting for the stage and screen program. Ashley has trained in aerial arts for ten years and later became a teacher! She loved teaching and working with kids and hopes to continue working in the entertainment industry.

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