Our latest post on our YouTube channel is a tutorial that teaches you how to do this fun knee drop in an aerial hammock or an aerial silk with a knot! To see the full tutorial, click the button below:


This move can be a bit squeezey, but after some practice it gets better.

Steps to doing this move:

  1. Start in straddleback and be sure you have enough space between your head and safety mat
  2. Hook one knee over BOTH silks and climb up
  3. As you climb, straighten the hooked leg and push it down into the fabric so it slides up toward your hips
  4. Fold your body over toward the tight end so you are in a hip key position
  5. Hold the tight end with your top hand as you lean away from the tight end and hook your bottom leg again
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 (optional)
  7. When you are ready to drop, straighten the hooked leg and quickly bend it again. Repeat until you are back in your stag position with no wraps.

Using the same concept of this move, you can do a single knee drop, a double knee drop, or more! But keep in mind it will feel tighter as you increase the number of drops.


Before folding over into the hip key position, you can take a moment to to pose and make beautiful shapes!

Add a spin to make things really fun and play with the speed of the spin by making yourself smaller in certain parts of this move!

Hope this helps with your aerial journey! Click HERE to view the full video on YouTube. Have fun and stay Fly!


The Qizzup Team

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