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Hi! I’m Michelle Bolong

After retiring as a Cirque Du Soleil performer in 2010, I opened up my performance arts studio in Los Angeles.

Before it was the “cool new fad,” I made a bold decision to focus exclusively on aerial arts training for kidz ages 7 – 17 years old.

Overnight I named our studio Fly Studios and we were off running!

Today we are the ONLY all-inclusive online Aerial Arts Academy for Kidz — and Kidz at heart 😉

Michelle Bolong

I Combined My Cirque Du Soleil Experience with Years of Martial Arts Training to Create…

The Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method

Qizzup is a Complete Online Home Training Program for Kidz Ages 7 and Up — and Kidz at heart 😉

The ONLY one of its kind, the 7-level Curriculum has been thoroughly tested and proven over 10 years of trial and error in my own studio!

We have made it super easy to just press play and follow our structured classes. Any level of aerial silks are welcomed — We offer the complete range from beginner to master.

Ready to soar above the same old, same old?
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Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method

How Does It Work?



We’ll start by covering the Qizzup teaching philosophy, some essential safety trainings and how we will work together to create a positive environment for your child.

This will include how to navigate through the course and levels, weekly life skills, how to graduate, Qizzup rewards systems and much more!

Setup For Success

Set Up For Success

Then, you and your child will learn how to use your Qizzup equipment and get your home training space set up for success. With our print-outs, resources and other tools there will be NO guesswork about how to get set up safely.

Pick your  Path

Pick Your Path

At this point, you will get to make a choice between following our structured classes by level or creating your own workout!

Maybe you’d like to do a bit of both?! That’s fly too! Either way, we will guide you through the benefits of each program and get you set up with your (or your child’s) preferred training style.

Brand New Trainings Twice a Month

Brand New Trainings Twice a Month

In addition to your level 1-7 trainings, you will also have access to 2 brand NEW exciting and challenging bonus lessons each and every month. These will include stretching activities, routines and bonus sequences to keep you or your child on your toes!

Time to Fly

This is where things really take off. Once you’ve been introduced to the Qizzup method, set up your equipment and chosen your path, it’s time to start flying!

We’ve got 7 levels of expertise to master, a lot like the colored belt system in martial arts!

Each level consists of 10 easy-to-follow 45-minute class videos and printable lesson plans.

You can choose to train alongside these videos or customize your own classes (whichever system you chose above).

Once you or your child has mastered all the tricks in each level, you will be asked to learn a graduating performance sequence.

You’ll send us a video of your performance which will act as your recital piece and be used to determine if you graduate to the next level.

We like to make a BIG deal of these virtual graduation ceremonies. We invite the entire Qizzup family to join us live and we give away amazing prizes, superlatives and awards to encourage our flyers continually exploring new heights!

Qizzup Kidz Aerial Method

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Choose Your Qizzup Membership Plan

What you get Fly Kidz Fly Academy
7-level On-Demand
Aerial Arts Curriculum
+ Lesson Plans
Brand New Trainings
Published Twice a Month
Downloadable PDFs,
Graduation Certificates
& Success Tracker Charts
Live Bonus Group
Training Monthly + Kidz
Time after for Social
& Life Skill Building

+ Recordings
Virtual Aer Pod Instructor-Led
Live Small Group Sessions
of the same 6-8 Students
that Meet Weekly
Dedicated Coaching Corner
where Kidz & Parents can
get 1:1 Feedback & Support
Online Apparel Discounts 10% off
Equipment Discounts 10% off
Sibling Discounts 10% off
Additional 1:1 Virtual
Private Lessons
$67 per 1 hour session
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Additional 1:1 In-Person
Private Lessons
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$87 per 1 hour session
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That’s why, if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund of your subscription. No questions asked.

Check out what other families and flyers had to say

Alison K.

The Qizzup training has helped me gain a lot of physical strength and confidence.

When I started out, doing some things on the apparatuses were scary but now I can do all sorts of moves up high. The Qizzup training because is super unique and can be valuable to anyone. You can become more confident, flexible, or even sociable as you make new friends.

Alison K.

Started Program at 13 Years Old
Lu G.

Zoe is not only physically strong but over the years, I observed her confidence grow…

…while having a compassionate place to land and interact with others. The experience truly presents a body, mind & heart connection that goes beyond “flying”! I am over the moon thankful for Michele and her team.

Lu G.

Mother of 10 Year Student Zoe G.
Krissi F.

Flying has helped shape me into the person I wanted to be.

Knowing there was a community for me to truly be a part of changed my perspective in such a constructive way, I forever will be thankful for it. This experience helped me have the encouragement, determination, practice, perseverance, and persistence to obtain any goal in life.

Krissi F.

Started Program at 11 Years Old

Last Chance!

The First All-inclusive Online Aerial Arts Academy for Kidz Ages 7+