Did you know Qizzup has a new YouTube channel?! We will be posting tips, tricks, and lots of fun things on our channel WEEKLY! No splits? No problem! Our latest video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do 3 different poses on your aerial silks if you’re not very flexible. Click HERE to go check it out!


This pose is a crowd favorite every time! This is one of the first more complicated moves our kidz learn and they just love twisting up into candy cane! Some pointers:

1. Make sure your footlocked foot is not sickled.

2. Keep your footlocked leg straight. If you bend it while rolling up, it makes it very difficult to come back out now that you have slinked down!

3. Don’t push the silk down your leg until you have made your first rotation or you can pop off your footlock and be in a tangled mess!



This pose is simple, yet aesthetically pleasing with the silks acting as a diamond frame around you! Pointers:

1. When pushing out the silk with your foot, be sure you do not push off your footlock!

2. As you are gaining confidence in balancing in this pose, you can try hovering the hands by just loosening your grip a bit or take only one hand off.



If scorpion is a bit too bendy for you right now, try this one! Scorpion stag wrap uses a similar start to scorpion, but ends in an inverted stag pose. Less pressure to have your splits, but equally pretty! Tip:

1. If you choose to only wrap the loose end around your waist once, make sure you feel secure and aren’t sliding before you let go. DO NOT let go if you feel some slipping on the silk!

2. Point your toes! Well at least on the free foot.


Enough with the reading already! Get to the fun stuff…watching and doing! Click on any of the photos above to view the full video on YouTube. Have fun and stay Fly!


The Qizzup Team

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