For the most part aerialists just keep their silk rigged to their rescue 8, but once in a while we do need to wash our silks. Safety tip: while your silk is off the rescue 8 after washing (after to avoid being enclosed by potentially foul odors 🤢) be sure to do a safety inspection looking for any runs, holes, or tears! 

So your silk is off its rescue 8…now what? There are multiple ways you can rig a silk on a rescue 8. Click HERE to learn how we do it with an easy to follow step-by-step video tutorial.


Before you get to the rigging part though, make sure you find the midpoint of the silk. If you happen to have a smooth round railing available that can bear a little bit of pulling, that is an excellent way we like to find the midpoint of our silks. We pull until the ends in our hands are even then let it down on the floor to be sure we weren’t pulling harder with one hand. If it is uneven, try again. If you don’t have a railing available you can use a chair leg and ask someone to sit on the chair or use someone’s arm. Whatever you use, be sure it doesn’t have any rough spots that can snag your silk!


Once you have your midpoint, you are now ready to add the hardware. There are many other options for hardware (fabric bell, figure 8, O-ring…), but we like to use a rescue 8


1. Hold the midpoint of the silk and put it through the larger, bottom hole of the rescue 8. The bottom is the end with the ears.

2. Pull about 1.5 feet of slack through and then bring the midpoint back through the two ends of the silks.

3. Push the midpoint back through the bottom hole again.

4. Pull the midpoint up and over the top, or small hole, of the rescue 8.

5. Tighten the silk and be sure to take the silk off the ears of the rescue 8 if it is covering them.

6. Add your swivel and carabiners – making sure to orient the carabiners the correct way and never crossloading them.


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Now go rig your silk and get to flying! Click HERE or on the photos above to view the full video on YouTube. Have fun, rig safe, and stay Fly!

The Qizzup Team

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