If you are purchasing your silks elsewhere instead of on our QIZZUP SHOP, be sure you are getting low stretch silks made of denier tricot material. The width should be 108” to 120” to be sure it’s not too narrow that it hurts in wraps and not too big that it’s hard to grip. Your silks should be able to hold at least 2500 lbs to be sure it is strong enough for drops (aerialists can create 10x their body weight!!!). 


Wash one silk alone using a gentle wash cycle with soap, but no fabric softener. Tumble or low heat dry and untangle after. If you don’t have a machine big enough to wash or dry your silk, look for a local laundry service. If you are in the Los Angeles/Orange County area like us, we love using Super Suds in Long Beach!



In addition to rig or ceiling height, rigging the silk on a rescue 8 takes about 1 yard of the length and you will want to allow for some extra fabric (1-3 yards per side) past floor level to allow for footlocks, wraps, and knots.

Example: For a rig height of 3.5 yds I would want a silk to be at least 3.5 yds per side (7 yds) + 1 yd extra per side for slack (2 yds) + 1 yd to rig = 10 yds total.

If you are purchasing the Qizzup Height Adjustable Aerial A-Frame Rig you will want to purchase 10 yards of silks. But if you want to come to our outdoor private lessons, then a 14 yard silk is good for both!



Do not use jewelry (earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, etc.) when using your aerial silks as this can cause rips and tears in the silk.

Regularly inspect your silk for runs or holes. Retire the silk if there is excessive damage or damage close to where it contacts hardware. An easy way to inspect your silk is to remove any hardware, lay the silk out on the floor, and go under it making your way across the silk. While under the silk, look up to see if any light pokes through holes.

We hope this helps you on your aerial journey. If you have further questions, feel free to email us at Stay fly!


The Qizzup Team

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