Our latest post on our YouTube channel is a tutorial guiding you on how to spot someone learning candy cane. Parents, if you have a child struggling with this move, watch the video and see how you can help! Click HERE to go check it out!


1. From a single footlock (on the ground or in the air), turn toward the same side silk as is footlocked.

2. Hold the silk with one hand at chest and one hand at head height and passe the free leg.

3. Lean out toward your bent knee until you are looking up toward the sky.

4. Use your free leg to push the silk that has wrapped around your footlocked leg down toward your ankle.

5. Use your arms to pull your body back up toward the silk and rotate so your body is on top of the silk.

6. Repeat one more time.

7. To come out, unwrap in the opposite direction one more time than the number of times you wrapped up. Ex: If you rotated up twice, rotate out three times.


1. Keep your footlocked leg straight throughout this move. A bent leg will cause you to slink down making it difficult to pull yourself back out.

2. Do not sickle your footlocked foot at any point in this move. Your foot should point straight up or straight down depending on where you are in your rotations.

3. As you are gaining confidence in this move and working up to releasing your hands in your final pose, try hovering the hands around the silk and then trying to take just one hand off at a time.


1. If the student needs assistance in pulling up during the rotation, stand on the opposite side of their footlocked leg and use your arm closest to them to hold the silk they are holding while supporting them under their back. You can easily give them a boost as they pull up and over in their rotation. 

2. Throughout the move, check the students’ foot to be sure it is not sickled. Before moving on, cue the student to straighten their foot to point straight up or down if it starts to sickle at any point.

Hope these tips help with your aerial journey! Click HERE to view the full video on YouTube. Have fun and stay Fly!


The Qizzup Team

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