Our latest post on our YouTube channel is a tutorial guiding you on how to spot someone learning fallen angel in a knot (also works for full fallen angel!). Parents, if you have a child struggling with this move, watch the video and see how you can help!


Here are some spotting pointers covered in the video:


Before doing the drop, the student should get used to the feeling and motion of the end of the drop. To do this, have the student start in their inverted straddle in the knot with their hand overhead (which would be reaching toward the floor when upside down). Then, hold their wrists and tilt them upright. Their arms should move from straight overhead to out to a “T” shape so that the silk catches on their shoulders.


While the student is getting comfortable with the full drop you can control their descent by holding their ankles. When the student is in position just before the drop you can hold their ankles and apply a bit of downward pressure so they can’t swing all the way around. Once the student’s head is down toward the floor, let go of their ankles and allow them to complete the rest of the rotation as in the “pelvic tilt” method above.

This spotting technique also works for the full fallen angel (meaning without a knot).


Once the student is able to do this drop without a spot they can control the speed of their rotation all on their own! To go slower, the student should fold at the hips or pike toward their feet after releasing their hands. As the student gains more confidence with this move, they can speed up the drop by maintaining the arched position throughout the rotation.



  • Always be sure to end the drop with arms out to a “T” and never try to catch the silk. Trying to catch the silk and missing it can mean going all the way through!
  • If you are doing this move from a shorter height, have your legs finish in the stag or bent position so your feet do not hit your safety mat below.
  • To learn other pointers on how to do this drop visit our BLOG POST about it or watch our YOUTUBE VIDEO on it.

Hope these tips help with your aerial journey! Click HERE to view the full video on YouTube. Have fun and stay Fly!


The Qizzup Team

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