Our latest post on our YouTube channel is a tutorial guiding you on how to spot someone learning our knot inversion series: straddle, frog, stag. Parents, if you have a child struggling with this series, watch the video and see how you can help!

Here are some spotting pointers covered in the video:


If the student is having trouble inverting, the spotter can use the knee boost or knee spot technique to help. To protect the spotter from injury, the spotter can kneel on one knee if the student needs a heavy spot and have the student step on the spotters knee to push off. If just a small boost is needed, the spotter can just place a knee out to help.

For added safety, the spotter can also hold the two sides of the silks together. This will prevent the student from going through the center of the silks. 


For some, this position in a knotted silk can give a bit of a tickle. If the silk is closer to the belly rather than the hips, this position will not feel good at all. The student can teeter their legs up and down in the straddle to adjust. If they need extra help, the spotter can pull the silk up so it rests on the hips.


The way we like to teach the stag pose is to have the front leg hooked over both silks. If the student’s flexibility isn’t quite there yet, they can rest their leg over the front of the silks or just hooked on one side.

We hope these tips help with your aerial journey! Click HERE to view the full video on YouTube. Have fun and stay Fly!


The Qizzup Team

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