Our latest post on our YouTube channel is a tutorial with a few tips on how to spot someone learning the basic climb. Parents, if you have a child struggling with this move, watch the video and see how you can help! Click HERE to go check it out!


Maybe the student just needs a little help if they haven’t quite mastered squeezing the silk between their feet yet. Give them a boost without bearing all the weight by using the silk as a basket and also cuing their foot movement by holding their heel.



Sometimes the student has trouble understanding the leg lift motion. To help with this, physically help them with this movement while they are on the floor by lifting their foot and making sure their knee bends up toward their chest. Two other ways we like to teach this are:

1. Have the student hold up high on the silk and slowly lift their legs by bending their knees up to their chest.

2. Have the student lie on their back on the floor and go through this motion of lifting their knees to their chest.



If the student is having trouble climbing simply because their hands can’t get a good grip around the silks, split the two silks and tie one off to the side. 



To help the student understand how to use their arms and legs in the climb, have them hold high and have one leg in the wrapped position. Hold the silk just under their foot so their foot is supported by your wrist. Have the student put their other foot on, pinching the silk between their feet then straighten their legs to stand up while also pulling up with their arms. This is the motion they need for each climb.


Another way we like to help our students learn to climb is by holding the silk at the bottom while they are climbing. This works if they are climbing on a split silk or both ends together. This is helpful if the student has the right motions for climbing, but is having trouble with their wrap and keeping the silk wrapped neatly around their leg. This also adds a bit of tension in the silk so it is easier for them to pinch the silks between their feet.

Hope these tips help with your aerial journey! Click on any of the photos above to view the full video on YouTube. Have fun and stay Fly!


The Qizzup Team

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