At Fly Studios we have been teaching with a love-based approach for over 10 years and we continue this method as Qizzup! We do it because it works! Over the years we have watched so many of our students grow through our program and sometimes even become teachers themselves! Our method is not a secret and it can be applied to many other aspects of life – not just aerial!


Whether your child is in the air or on the ground, positive reinforcement is always the best way to help your child learn. This positivity will help your child develop important life skills as well as their self-esteem. Praise correctly done moves or good behavior immediately after and continue to praise when they do the same thing well again.


As with our “patch system” at Fly Studios, we like to celebrate the little achievements! For each of our Fly levels we had certain moves or skills that could be tested for and rewarded with a star patch to go on our students’ uniform shirts. All of these little achievements were working toward the bigger goal – graduating the level! These little celebrations helped our students stay motivated and let them know they were headed in the right direction. But it wasn’t just patches. Coaches would always find something to celebrate for their students to let them know they noticed the extra effort, they noticed the improvements no matter how small! This could be that the student got three pull ups instead of two as with the week before or that one foot was pointed instead of neither. As silly as these may seem, this is creating a positive space in whatever it is the students are doing.


Finally, give a big reward for the big goals! If we are again relating this to our patch and level system at Fly Studios, this would be equivalent to our graduation ceremonies in which the students received their certificate and new Fly shirt after successfully completing their graduation performance. Maybe at home these big rewards can be going out for ice cream or their choice for movie night. Whatever it is, they should feel special! They earned it!


These are tried and true methods for helping kids succeed. If you want to apply it to your family’s weekly routine and need some more help getting started, download our FREE Boredom Buster Calendar from the link at the bottom of the page. 

Let us know in the comments below how these three tips are helping you and your child! We would love to hear from you!

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This article was written by Meli Padilla. Meli first started her aerial journey at the University of California, Santa Barbara where she graduated with a BS in Environmental Studies and Zoology. After taking two summers of aerial silks classes, she found Fly Studios in 2015 not far from her hometown. She taught at Fly for three years then took a break to travel the world while squeezing in a few aerial classes in Malaysia and New Zealand.

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